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A premium global ad platform that is easy to access and easy to use

AdLib has all the power you need without the obstacles and complexities

Founded by early and long-term MediaMath employees 

The AdLib team has decades of experience as programmatic marketers, engineers, and industry thought leaders

Offices in New York, London, Denver, Chicago

Reach 95% of the world's consumers over 500 BILLION times a day

AdLib has more reach than any other ad platform across 250 countries and territories




A simple self-service platform where

campaigns launch in minutes and use sophisticated AI to automatically optimize 


Upload your own ads or let AdLib build high performing ads for you


24/7 access to powerful transparent reporting and deep actionable insights

The AdLib Platform


Always-on protection with the industry's strongest brand, privacy, and fraud controls


DTC Beauty Brand

“We don’t have an agency or trading team so we were only using Facebook and YouTube. Since we’ve started using AdLib video views are up 20% and revenue is up 8%.”

Trading Lead

Global Media Buying Group

“The AdLib ads drove significantly better engagement than the branded ads. CTR increased by 92% and the CPC dropped by 47%!”

“We were able to seamlessly activate a huge display buy for one of our top tier clients and target highly nuanced audiences with a variety of creatives.”

What some of our clients are saying

Melanie Ingram

Senior Content Specialist, Linqia

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You have full control of your digital advertising costs. You will never pay more than your campaign budget, and you can stop your campaigns at any time.

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